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    Our factory trained technicians troubleshoot, repair and install all brands and makes of Air-conditioning (AC) systems ranging from the very old to newer and higher efficiency systems. We offer 24/7 emergency services in the increasingly hotter summer seasons in Northern Virginia without any extra charges. While keeping our prices much lower than our competitors, we don’t compromise on quality at all. In fact, we provide a written guarantee on our services and stand behind it. Our knowledgeable technicians explain everything to customers technically and provide up-front estimates. Our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified technicians know how to properly handle the Freon gas which is a key component of refrigeration and AC systems and is regulated by EPA because it can disrupt the Ozone layer. Some of the key components of an AC systems.
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    Air Filter: 

    Air filter insures circulation of clean air in the house by collecting dust from it.  If the air filter is dirty or clogged, it will result in circulation of polluted air in the house which most of the times can go unnoticeable. Furthermore, air blockage due to dirty air filter can cause the evaporation coil to ice up which could result in the failure of the AC system. Thus, it is highly recommended to replace the air filter regularly.

    Air Handler:

    Air handler is responsible for circulating the air in the house. It collects the air from the house through the return duct and cool it to the desired temperature and then distributes it throughout the house. If there is any obstruction in the duct, or the evaporation coil is iced up, the air will not pass through the duct resulting in increased temperature in the house.  There will be little to no cooling. Another important component in the air handler is the fan which actually circulates the air. If the fan motor stops, there will be no cooling or heating in the house. If the fan is dirty or loose, the system will not operate properly. It is recommended to check the system twice a year to make certain that it operates properly in both harsh winter and summer days.   


    The compressor is located in the condenser and basically is the heart of the AC system. It pumps air to and from the system, cools the evaporation coil and takes the heat out of the house.  The compressor is also the most expensive part of the AC system. There are many factors which can contribute towards the failure of the compressor. If the system is maintained properly, the chances of a failed compressor will decrease. Electrical connection level of the Freon condition of the condenser must be checked twice a year to avoid failure of the compressor. If the compressor is operating properly, it gives you maximum efficiency which means you get maximum output of your AC system while keeping your energy bills low. However, if the compressor is not functioning to its fullest, it will increase your energy bills. Unfortunately, most of the households don’t even know whether the compressor is in 100% perfect condition or not and end up paying higher energy bills. Our HVAC technicians check and clean the compressors to slash your energy bills and keep you cool in hot summers.

     Condenser :

    The condenser is mostly located outside of the house in the split AC-Heat Pump system. Basic function of the condenser is to eject the heat that builds up in the house. If the condenser is dirty or the condenser motor fan is not operating properly then there will be little to no cooling. It is important to keep the condenser clean by making sure that debris, lint, leaves or plastic tags etc are not blocking the air circulation. Failure to do so might result in a faulty AC system which will be needed to repair or even replace sometimes.

     Evaporator Drain Line:

     Moisture is collected in the drain pan and runs through the drain lines during the summer. If the drain lines are blocked then the water may spill over and may cause property damage resulting in thousands of dollars in repair cost. To check evaporator coil, drain pan, and drain lines.

    Noisy A/C:

    Blower motor is mainly responsible for the high pitch noise. It could be an indication that the blower motor has failed.


    Thermostat keeps the desired house temperature. Most people set it on 70oF. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, the cooling or heating in the house may not be maintained causing not only discomfort but also higher energy bills. Our specialists make sure that all electric components in a thermostat are working properly and electric connections are secured according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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